Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bulletin Boards {ready for the new year}

Now that everyone is thinking Back to School, I thought I would share my bulletin boards that I am prepping for the new year.  I keep them up during the summer! So glad my school lets us do that.  It saves so much time when we head back to school.  I haven't changed the board itself, just got it ready for my new class. 

On the outside of my room is one of the boards that I hang student work.  I used fabric for the back and scrapbook paper and clothes pins to hang the work on.  

Click HERE to see my tutorial on how to make tulle poms.

This is just a fun board that I have right when you walk into my room.  I hang pictures of my class that I take throughout the year.  The pictures on there now are from last year. I didn't want to have it completely blank, but after I get a few pictures of my new class I will change out the pictures. 

This is where I put my students library cards.  I give each of my students a number at the beginning of the year.  That is how they determine which pocket is for their card.  My school has open library time everyday where they can go the library by themselves so I wanted them to be able to just grab their card and go.

With the phonics program we use at my school there are rule cards, sound cards, picture cards, etc.  My phonics wall is where I post those after they are taught.  

I use this space for my guided math rotations.  I use THESE printables.  I simply glue their picture on the circles so they know what group they are in and use a powerpoint to rotate the stations.

I use this space for my daily 5 rotations. I simply glue their picture to a jumbo Popsicle stick and place one in each pocket. The station cards are on velcro so I can easily rotate them.  And if I need to change a group up, I simply just move their Popsicle stick.

This is my reading wall. 
{Have no clue where the letter G went.}

This is just a resource for my students while they are working.  If they are spelling and need help with something that has already been taught.  The cards came from HERE

One of my favorite things to put up is student work.  I put work and themed boards up here.  It will be  blank until the first week and my new firsties are here to start creating! 

Below the green board is my writer's workshop board.  You can read more about that HERE!

My word wall is kept across my cabinets.  The only words that I have on the beginning of the year are color words.  The first week we will add our names and then move to sight words as they are introduced. 

I use this space for my weekly objectives.  You can read more about that HERE!
This is where I post my students birthdays.  The first week I will get their picture and post it by the month of which they celebrate their birthday.  They love looking at it and get so excited when a friends birthday is coming up! 

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