Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Learning Objectives

I know posting learning objectives are nothing new, but for the last couple of years it wasn't a "have to". Until now! I knew when we learned that we would have to post our learning objectives I wanted to have them easily accessible, I didn't want to have to write a ton and I wanted them student friendly.  Vague enough where I wasn't changing them constantly, but focused! 

My white board and smartboard is something I use ALL. THE. TIME so I knew I didn't want to cover that up or use space on it with my objectives, so I had to change some wall space to make room for my objectives.  

I have used dry erase pockets for others things in my room and decided they would be great for putting my objective cards in.  

I found this wonderful template HERE! Love her stuff! I just purchased her template and then typed in my objectives for the year on different slides in powerpoint.  Print. And Viola!! 

I made them for the year and labeled them with the corresponding week that I will be teaching that topic so I could just grab it, slide it in and go!

I just put them in file folders for each subject in order that I will be using them. 

Now they are ready to go for the year!!! 

Another thing checked off my list... 

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  1. I saw a pin on Pinterest for a character study of Chester's Way, however, I can't find it on your blog. Do you know what it's posted under? :)