Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meet the Teacher Ideas

I just wanted to stop by and share with you some things I do for "Meet the Teacher" night at my school. We have an afternoon the week before school starts that parents and students may come up to tour the school, bring up their school supplies and meet their child's teacher.  It is a fun afternoon! I'm always so excited to meet my new students and parents.  It is also so nice to get their school supplies unpacked and organized and ready to go on the first day of school.  

I use signs to make sure they hit all of the "stations" or important areas before they leave. 
First, they sign in and come in.
Next, they find their desk.
On their desk is a folder with information papers.  A few things about myself, my classroom and some getting to know you forms. Some of the forms came from HERE.  I have them take it home and send it back the first week of school.


Also inside the folder I place an "All About Me Bag" inside for the students to share the first week of school.  You can grab yours HERE
I give each parent a checklist and it is projected on the board to help keep things flowing and organized.  I want to make sure that they and myself don't forget anything because the afternoon is such a whirlwind.  

I put signs up at the front of the room for the large supplies that I have to store and specific directions for the small supplies.  This just saves me a ton of time and the kids LOVE to help.  Plus they learn where thing go. WIN, WIN! 

The small supplies goes in a shoe box size tub, labeled with each child's name.
I have found great success with keeping it separate from each others. I store these in a cabinet and when they are in need of another glue stick, etc. I just have them grab one from their tub.
 While each kid also has their own pencil box in their desk with only crayons, a pencil, big pink eraser and twistables, I also keep caddies on the desk where they keep their scissor, markers and glue.  

After they put their supplies away and I know the way they get home each day I want them to take a tour of our classroom and the campus.  Just to get a feel of it and put them at ease for the first day of school.  

I also post "helping hands".  They are supplies that are not on the supply list, but we use all the time in our room.  Mainly craft supplies. Paints, googly eyes, cardstock, etc.  I am so grateful for all of my giving parents in the past who have helped!!
{just noticed typo! 😳 will fix!}
And lastly, they grab their gift! I want them to know how excited I am to have them in my class and really welcome them with excitement!! 


Grab your tag HERE
You can grab your numbered "Meet the Teacher" signs HERE!

I hope you had a restful summer! Enjoy the back to school craziness!!



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