Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Projects

just wanted to stop by super quick for a fun little fall idea to bring a little excitement to your reading time. I have several kiddos in my class that need to be challenge and pushed to the next level in reading. They are reading above level and are just naturally good readers who are fast learners. They necessarily don't need me day to day listen to their reading, model breaking apart words, etc. I really like to do book clubs with them and really make them accountable for their reading. 

 All over Pinterest there are TONS of projects for kids involving pumpkins. My higher readers have been focusing on character traits and retelling stories they have read so I wanted to incorporate that somehow. I came across "pumpkin book character" projects that were just precious! So creative and so fun! 

I had my kids pick a book and Read the book. 
At school we:
Read the book
Discussed the main character 
Sequenced the story
Wrote a small synopsis about the book

At home they:
Bought a pumpkin 
Decorated the pumpkin to look like the main character. 

I did not give them any parameters on what book they chose. I didn't care the level, just something they like was good with me. 

Here are a few of our awesome pumpkins! So proud of them! 

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