Monday, October 12, 2015

Going Batty and Stelluna

For the past 2 weeks we jumped right into bats. We started off with Stellaluna. One of my all time favorite books! Love it! 

We read the book, sequenced it, discussed Stellaluna as a character and worked on our comprehension by asking AND answering questions about it. 

(From Deanna Jumps interactive reading notebook) 

I always like to do a little craft/project at the end of the unit or book to wrap it up. 

They loved their paper bag bats. 

After a week of Stellaluna we dove into non-fiction bat books. We started off by talking about our schema about bats.  We talked about features of non-fiction, verbs and adjectives to describe bats  

We did several journal responses that I forgot to take a picture of. At the end of the week we did a little directed drawing of a bat and some non-fiction writing. 

(One of the books we read had a picture of Itty bitty baby bats and she loved it!) 

Next we are learning about pumpkins to get us ready for our annual pumpkin patch field trip!!! 

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