Thursday, September 17, 2015

Apples! Oh my!

We have been knee deep in everything apples for the past 2 weeks. Apples are one of my favorite themes. It's our first theme of the school year, and I feel it just jump starts our year for learning and kind of sets the tone for what's to come. 

We started the unit off by writing down our schema- what we already knew about apples. 

"Apples can knock your teeth out!! Haha! Too funny! 

After we recorded what we already knew about apples we dove right in to learning new things. 
We have been talking about adjectives for a short time and describing apples are a great way to have them practice using adjective. I like to start their sentence by saying "apples ARE....." so that they are going to telling me about apples and not what they have. That's helps them say an adjective instead of a noun. 

After using our adjective words we came up with, I had the students make a directed drawing of an apple. Step by step with me, they drew an apple. I let them pick what color they wanted to color it (red, yellow or green) so we would have some variety. Then they wrote simple sentences describing their Apple. 

(Idea from @firstgradeparade) 

For a fun craft on a Friday we painted paper plate apples. 

We paint using cotton balls a lot. 1. Less mess and 2.  No brushes to wash. Win. Win. 

In the second week of our Apple into we started learning about the parts of an apple. 

And to wrap up our unit we of course had to make homemade applesauce. Which was a HIT!! 

They absolutely loved it! (Recipe from @firstgradeparade) 

We've had a fun filled 2 weeks! Now on to all things fall! Now, let just hope this east Texas weather would just cooperate. Hard to teach fall when it's almost 100 outside. 

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