Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is it growing by?

Happy {almost} Friday blogger friends!  Boy am I glad it's almost the weekend!! WHEW, I'm exhausted!

This past week my sweet little firsties have been working on growing patterns.  OMGoodness! This started off as quite the task, but as the week progressed they have just blown me away!

We started off the week by making growing patterns with {our faces} and discussing all of the patterns we could see! What FUN!

{Sorry that it's curved...I forgot to take a pic before I hung it out by our door.}

After making a few group growing patterns it was time for them to show me what they could do! WOW! They did FANtastic!
I let them choose their pattern blocks and they went to work!
Aren't they just FABulous!

After creating and extending our own growing patterns I wanted to see if they could predict how many would there be on the ?th row.  I told them that the caterpillar had 3 circles when he was 1 year old {not counting his face} and each birthday he grew by one circle.  I wanted them to figure out how many circles long he would be when he was 8 years old. 
They did AWESOME with predicting and checking! {And their caterpillars are pretty cute too}

I also had a few request for the Caps For Sale peddler pattern template.  Click the link below to get a copy.  It is from a wonderful Scholastic book called
Teaching Math With Favorite Picture Books

We have also been discussing the -at word family.  I saw on Pinterest where some had made Cat in the Hat to practice -at words so I thought I would try it out!  It was so cute! My kids just love the story.  Here are a few of our {cat in the hats}

We LOVE decorating the halls!

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  1. I love all the ways you are challenging your students!!!