Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reading Comprehension

Happy Thursday my fellow bloggers! I hope y'all have had a fantastic week! It has been a busy past few weeks for me. Right before catching strep throat {ouch!!!} probably from one of my sweet firsties,  my husband and I shared our little secret {we are expecting our first baby}.  We are so very excited!! 

In the world of first grade, we have been working on ALOT!! A few weeks ago {sorry so late} we were learning about non-fiction books and finding facts in those books.  Since it is now October {YIPPEE} we read a non-fiction book about bats and made these C-U-T-E little hanging bats from the ever so create Cara Carroll over at The First Grade Parade.  We made a KWL chart about bats and then my sweeties recorded 3 facts from the book on their bat.  LOVE THEM! 

After a week of non-fiction, we moved back to fiction and introduced plot.  They did VERY well with this! I was very impressed!  My fab first grade team uses the structure {Somebody, Wanted, But, So}.  It really helps our kiddos retell the plot with details.  
The first activity we did was plot flip books.  We discussed that the plot was the problem and the solution.  
We read The Pig Goes To The Party and then we made our books.  We simply folded a piece of manilla paper {hamburger} style.  We decorated the cover and on the inside we wrote {problem and solution}.  The kiddos wrote and illustrated each part.  Aren't these fabulous!

Continuing with plot {Somebody, Wanted, But, So} my sweet teacher friend had this C-U-T-E activity for our firsties to practice plot with.  We read the story There's an Alligator Under My Bed. {The kids LOVED it!!!}  The kiddos had to write and illustrate the plot of the story, then they made alligators and recorded "If I there was an alligator under my bed...".  They wrote what they would do on the tongue of the alligator.  {sorry, I forgot to open the mouth and get a pic}.  Love these!!!


If you would like the plot {Somebody, Wanted, But, So} recording sheet click the link below.

Hope you have a FABulous Friday!!!!

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