Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reading Logs

Every summer while I have some free time I like to look through my files and see what I want to keep for next year, what I need to throw out, and what I need to give a little update.  I have used the same nightly reading log and A.R. log for quite some time now.  They got the job done of course, but were bland.  I decided to keep them simple, but just update them a little. 

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the NIGHTLY READING LOG

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the A.R. SCORE LOG

This log is for the students to write on to log their A.R. scores on after they take a quiz, so I wanted to keep it super simple and not clutter it.  I like to keep track of their A.R. points and scores.  I am looking for a great way to show off when they get to certain A.R. points.  If you have an idea you love I would love to here about it!

I keep both of these in my students reading folder.  I will be back in a few weeks with how I keep folders, take home notebooks, and different subjects journals organized.  

I also wanted to update my school teacher webpage for the new school year.  Every year, each 6 weeks I normally have to update it with the objectives for that 6 weeks.  An low and behold, 2 weeks in to the new 6 weeks I remember I have to update it! So I decided I wanted to have the entire year up from the beginning.  1.  I don't have to remember to update it every 6 weeks. 2. Parents see our entire year at glance.  Because I send home sight words, spelling list, etc. as they are learning them, so I didn't really want to flood the page with a ton of words.  So I made the 6 objective pages for each of the 6 weeks in our school year.  I kept them some what broad to leave myself some leniency week to week, but I also wanted them to have some focus of what they big ideas were that we were learning. 

I also wanted to have a few reminders.

And just for fun, my family pics from my page! :) 

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