Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley over at 'Oh Boy 4th Grade for a little July Currently! Can you already believe it is July!?!  Wal-Mart is getting out their back to school isle and Hobby Lobby is getting out their Christmas decor! HA! Go figure! Here's what I'm up to currently!
Listening:  One of my favorite sounds is my sweet, sweet 3 year old's voice! Its so soft and just so sweet! It's looking a little cloudy outside today so we built a blanket fort in the livingroom and she has brought out every little castle and princess she could find to put in our fort.  She has a great imagination and is just having the best time! I love listening to her play!

Loving: SUMMER!!! I love summer! Everything about it! Sleeping late, slowly sipping coffee, no packing lunches, no rushing out the door, no daycare drop off..... I could go on for a while! I love how low-key it is.  

Thinking:  While it is so low key and we really don't get too much done during the day besides relaxing, shopping, playing, eating, traveling my back to school to-do list grows by the second.  I have a hard time shutting off my teacher brain.  I keep a post it note pad on my side table so when I think of something to print, organize, or do I can quickly jot it down.  

Wanting:  I live in TX and like most of the south, the days are HOT.  I am really wanting to spend time outside, but its so hot and humid.  I am really wanting a pool in my backyard right now!!

Needing:  Now that July is here, and I am teaching summer school this year (2 weeks before school starts)  I am needing to get busy on crossing things off my to-do list! :) I'm also needing a new blog design... which I am anxiously waiting for!!! Can't wait for Parker at P.J design laboratory to send me the first draft!! 

All Star:  KINDNESS. I think I'm an all-star at spreading kindness and helping out! I love to chip in and help whenever I can.  I think it's so important to show kindness, not only to people you know, but to complete strangers as well! 


  1. Oh, I know how precious the summer days are to spend with our little children! Enjoy her. And I am with you--I'd love to have a pool!

  2. I am not missing the morning routine of getting out the door!! Man I wish I had a pool too!!! I am a new follower!

  3. Such a fabulous currently! I can't believe how quick July has come around! Can't wait to see your new blog design, I'm sure it'll be fabulous!

    Teaching Autism