Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello Mid-July!?

Well Hello there Mid-July! Where in the world did you come from?!  Last time I checked it was the last day of school.  I was cleaning up my classroom preparing for summer, making my beach shopping list to prepare for vacation and dreaming of what I was going to do for the next couple of months and I woke up this morning and you were here!
Slow down summer. 
I am having the best time sleeping late (or later than normal, not much sleeping late with a 2 year old) and spending my days with Aubree.  We have had a wonderful month and half. 

The summer started with a quick trip to the beach with family.  We had a wonderful time and can't wait for next years trip.


Between attending several summer workshops my little one and I have been spending lots of QT at the local splashpad and park! Talk about a fun time. 


I wish I could just bottle her up at this age (and release it when she's a teenager)! She is so much fun and so full of energy!

Transitioning Aubree back into daycare was very tough after last summer, so this year we decided that we would put her in part time starting in July, two days a week.  The first two days were tough, hopefully they will get better soon.  While Aubree is adjusting back to her normal routine, it gives me time to get my school thoughts together and get a jump start on my classroom and allows me to get organized for the new year.  The week of inservice is always so fast paced for me and it flies by, so I like to get started early.  And it allows me little time to miss my sweet girl while she's having fun at school. 
While she started back last week I began making my 'meet the teacher' gifts.  I scoured pinterest this year for a simple idea that my kids would love.  I came across these 'valentine gifts' and thought they were perfect! So using that idea, I came up with 'panther bands' (since we are the panthers). 

 I hope my kiddos enjoy them. 
My next project is my bulletin board outside my room.  I have big plans for it.  I'm in the process of making a bunting and tulle poms to really make it pop.  Stay tuned for the final product. 
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and please July, slow down just a bit!  And for all of you that got a chance to attend the teacher-blogger meetup in Vegas, I am so jealy!!!

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