Monday, April 22, 2013

Chicks and toads!!! Whatcha know???

Once again... I have been a bad blogger. It's hard work managing an itty bitty, classroom, husbands who's a coach AND a blog! Whew!! I really hope to stay more on top of it! I can not believe May is around the corner!! OMGoodness, where has this year gone? Has it flown by for anyone else?? Speaking of this year flying by... My little 5.11 oz baby girl will be ONE next Saturday! Yes! ONE!! Wow! Where did the time go??

Any whoooo these past couple of weeks we have been learning about my favorite science topics!!! The frog life cycle and the chicken life cycle... And plants are to come!! I love teaching these!!

I started off with.."what do you know about frogs??" and boy let me tell ya! They went crazy! Blurting out is my biggest pet peeve and I usually have no tolerance for it...BUT for this one time only I let them just tell me everything they knew and there was no containing them. One of my littles said "if you kiss one he will become a prince!!". Oh to think like a first grader!

After our little "whatcha know session" we started getting to the facts. I made this {not so cute} anchor chart of the life cycle.

Then using the life cycle the students did a little writing craftivity. One of my faves! We do it every year.

We teach both life cycles in a big 3 week unit so right when we wrapped up frogs we moved straight to chicks.
We started off by watching "The Magic School Bus: Cracks a Yolk". They loved it!! {I love united streaming} After we got a little insight on what all goes on in an egg {because that cool little magic bus takes you inside of one} we made our own little life cycles.

They did so well!!

And I course like with everything else, we had to have a little craft! So we painted paper plates, stuck a beak not there with some legs and colored on some eyes and...VIOLA! You have yourself a chick!

I think by the end of the 3 weeks my Firsties loved frogs and chicks about as much as I love teaching it!! So that means it was a success!!

Now on to plants!! Yay!! We are about to start our 3 week plant unit which includes planting and growing a "Harry the caterpillar"!!!! Can't wait for their reactions when we make this and plant or own plants!!!

Have a great week y'all!!! This week I'm going to be knee deep in "LOOK WHOOO's TURNING ONE" party decor!!! :) 

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