Friday, January 13, 2012


This 6 weeks we have been studying expository text.  When I told my sweet first graders that we were going to be learning about penguins, the first thing they said was "HAAAAPPPPYYY FEEET"!!!! They were OH so excited!! 
I got this fabulous wintery unit idea from Mrs. Jump.  She has created a super cute unit with printables that is a MUST see! All of the printables in my kiddos books came from her "Penguin Unit" on TPT! Make sure you check it out!!

I started off the week by making a KWL chart with my firsties  Some of the things they knew about penguins was sooo adorably cute!! Like... they "wabble from side to side like this.."{and of course they stood up to show me the wabble}, they "can click clack their feet" and the best one of all... they "are REALLY good dancers"!!  Ohhhh I love first grade thoughts!! Sadly, I completely forgot to take a picture of our anchor chart, but is was your typical KWL format. 

After our K and W portion of the chart I read a few non-ficiton penguin books.  There is something about non-fiction that my students this year more than in years past just LOVE! They much rather prefer to read non-fiction, which I think is wonderful! We jotted down some facts and details from our book on a penguin fact chart, that I sadly forgot to take a picture of. 

After the facts chart the kiddos filled out their individual penguin flow chart from Mrs. Jump's Penguin Unit.  They learned soooo much and enjoyed every step.

Then it was time to make our very own non-ficiton  books!!! Boy were they excited! It was so wonderful to see everything they learned!  The pages in these books came from the penguin unit by Mrs. Jump.

Here are our wonderful books!!


 Here is the template for the penguin on the front cover that I used.

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