Thursday, September 15, 2011

Caps, Caps, Caps for Sale

Hi sweet bloggers! I hope you are having a fantastic week!! YAY for tomorrow being Friday!!
 Just wanted to share a quick little post with you guys. 
This week my sweet firsties have been reviewing patterns. 

We read the book Caps For Sale {which my little ones love}. 

After reading the story we made Peddler Patterns!!

Happy {almost} Friday!!!


  1. We read Caps for Sale in the beginning of the year. Do you have a master/template for the cute pattern activity?

    Frolicking Through First

  2. I was thinking the same thing as there a template for the patterning activity? The peddlar is so cute. I have some berets that I found for a dollar each. We act out the story all the way through including stealing the caps off a head (usually mine)and then throwing them down. We also take old barrel of monkey monkeys and put one on each monkey in the book. I love this story!

  3. I would also love a template. I have tried searching for one, but haven't been able to locate it.
    Thanks for the great idea!