Monday, July 4, 2011

2 Things I love... Summer and Pinterest!

HI blogger friends! I hope you are still reading this puny ol blog.  Since school has been out I have been in vacation mode!!  Now that I am well rested and ready to start preparing for next year I will be posting ideas again! :)

Soooo, one of my newest favorite things... Pinterest! I can't get enough of it!
  It is such a fun way to organize and share creative ideas. They have things from home decor, recipes, classroom ideas, crafts, and SO much more!  As of a week ago I had never heard of it, now I can't get off of it! I might need Pinterest Anonymous! Lol!  I have found so many wonderful ideas for my classroom for next year that I am very excited about! You have to have an invite to join.  If you are interested leave me a comment with your email address and I will be glad to send you and invite. 

Click here to head over and start pinning!  

 Just a sneak peek of a few things I have found!

 Twelve Crafts Till Christmas: sunday kids' craft & teacher gift: magnetic handp


Don't forget to check out my boards...My Pinterest!!!
Feel free to comment or follow! Happy Pinning Everyone!!!


  1. Please, please send me an invite, I share your total addiction. Love to browse around, but don't have my own board. So cool of you to share:)! Thanks, Smiles Wendy!

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  3. Wow, I got so excited I forgot my email, oops.

  4. I asked for an invite but it's taking forever! Can't wait to see the many ideas! ~Gina

  5. Invites have been sent!! Happy pinning!

  6. I just discovered pinterest and have been surfing ideas all day! I requested an invite from the site so I can start pinning :)

    I teach 3rd grade but love the hula hoop clock on the board for review!

  7. I would love an invite to pinterest
    Your blog is awesome.. THANKS!!

  8. I'm having a Pinterest linky party for educators, come over and link up! :-)

  9. I would also love an invite to Pinterest.
    My email is

    Thanks, Lisa :)