Friday, April 15, 2011

Why do Easter bunnies have such big ears???

That was the topic of the writing center this past week.  I normally don't give prompts in the writing station, but for holidays it's always fun to see what they say.  Since Easter is coming soon the kiddos painted bunnies using white tempera paint and cotton balls.  They simply dipped the cotton balls in the paint and created their own bunny, added some google eyes, and a pom pom nose.                              Can you say precious!?! 

Why does an Easter bunny have such big ears? 
A first graders answer:  So he can snuggle with them at bed time.  ADORABLE!!

Love how they all turned out so different. 

Since we have been learning about fractions and probability the last few weeks I created this math center that my kiddos really enjoy.

I put an assortment of colored beads in plastic eggs.  They were to choose an egg from the basket and write the fraction and probability of the beads inside.  Then, return the egg and draw out another. 

Click the link below for the center recording sheet. 

    Easter Egg Probability/Fraction Recording Sheet

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