Thursday, January 3, 2013

holiday throwback {from before Christmas break}

Getting kind of sad...only 3 more days left of my 2 week long Christmas break! I have thoroughly enjoyed spending so much time with my family, but I am excited to see my littles. I have missed them. I can't wait to hear about their Christmas stories. From Santa, to presents, to us having a WHITE Christmas! Yes, Y'all! A white Christmas in east Texas! Crazy huh?!?

Before we got out of school we were drowning in Christmas/Holiday activities. So much so I didn't get pictures of everything.

We started learning about graphs the week before break and I have to say they are pretty stinkin good at creating and analyzing graphs! Yay! Throughout the week we made LOTS of graphs, but by far the Starburst graph was their favorite!

Sorry about the poor quality. I took them with my iPhone after I hung it up.

I gave each kiddo a starburst and of course they chowed down! I could not believe the amount of smacking that was going on! I made sure to tell them to not tear their wrapper because that is what we used for our graph!

We talked about the labels, title, etc. then we got to sticking our wrappers on!

Now on to a little reading/writing connection. One of my favorite wintry books in Snowman All Year. Love it!

When I saw those precious little snowmen from Cara over First Grade Parade last year it gave me a great idea to do with my kiddos to go along with our book.

We made these snowmen {like the ones from First Grade Parade} except we made them with chalk on construction paper. They loved it and they turned out precious. They wrote what they would do with a snowman if they had a snowman all year! So cute!

I hope you all enjoy your last few days of your vacation and Happy New Year!

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  1. Super cute! I live outside of Dallas...we got just enough snow for my dog to be soaking wet when he came back in, hahaha. We are starting our graphing unit this week. My babies are OBSESSED with Zombies, so I made a whole packet of graphs with Zombies to practice haha. I'm a sucker. :) Hope your first day back was great!