Friday, November 30, 2012

Pattern, coins and adjectives... OH MY!

I promise I haven't fallen off the planet. :) You all know that my hubby is a HS football coach and that I have a {now} 7 month old... YES! I said 7 month old. I can't believe it! Hopefully now that football season is over in our house things will start to slow down a little. {yeah right, huh?}.

We have been OH SO busy in first grade. SOOO busy that I have not been good at taking pictures and blogging about our learning. :(

These past few week has been a lot of fun. We have been learning about coins, patterns, adjectives and much more, but sadly that is all I have pictures of.

So here it is! Lets begin with patterns. I started off by giving all of my firsties unifix cubes. I simply stated that I wanted them to make me a pattern. I didn't care what kind... I just wanted to see what they could do! I was pretty impressed! When then made several different kinds of patterns and then moved to labeling them.

We made this little anchor chart as they made patterns and they helped me label them.

After a few more pattern activities with different manipulatives, we made the adorable little snowmen with {pattern} socks!

I love all of their patterns!

We also spent some time introducing the coins... Penny, nickel, dime and quarter. We made the bubble map anchor charts to {anchor} our learning.

{excuse the chart paper tape, for some silly reason I put Theodore Rooselvelt first.}

And today we continued talking about adjectives. Because I am in the Christmas spirit I decided to use a Christmas tree to help my kiddos with adjectives. First, we looked at our class Christmas tree. We brainstormed some adjectives to describe our tree. We then recorded our adjectives on Christmas ornaments and glued them to our {paper} tree. They loved it!

Hopefully it won't be too long again before I share some more of our learning. In the mix of the business {craziness} my sweet baby girl had her Christmas pictures made. I just had to share!

Happy Friday! YAHOO for the weekend!


  1. Cute baby girl! Thanks for sharing...
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