Monday, July 16, 2012

Where do I put it Mrs. Laymance?!?

I get asked that question 156463156 times a day the first few weeks of school {who am I kidding, all year long}but it doesn't take long for my organization craziness to rub off on my firsties {well...the girls at least}.  Over the past few years I have tried several different ways for the kiddos to transport things to and from school and this is the best way I have found.

Of course each kiddo gets a folder and I assign them a "mailbox".  Their mailbox is simply a folder organizer I hang on the door with 3M hooks.  Fabulous!!! 
I get mine at an education store called Mardel.
Every morning when they come in they put their folder in their "mailbox".  I also send graded work home of Fridays, so Thursday afternoons either I stuff their "mailbox" with their papers or the "mailman/mailgirl" does it.  So when it comes time to pack up on Fridays they just grab everything from their "mailbox".  That is also how I pass out daily notes and such.  

So here are these fabulous folders.  Since my room is ocean theme it is called their "F.I.S.H Folder" {First grade Information Stored Here}.  If you would like a fun little acronym that matches your classroom theme you can go HERE!

Since I don't know who is in my class yet I don't have the front labels printed yet. 

Click HERE for the front cover label. They will work with Avery labels 48326.
{I did them in word so that you could change them if you would like so sadly my font will change when you view it.}

I also use clear pencil bags and tiny binder clips inside the folders. 

The front inside pocket is only for take home notes and weekly newsletters. {click HERE for the pocket label} These labels will print on Avery 25395.

The clear zipper pouch is for lunch money, picture money, small notes, etc. {.79 cents at Walmart}

The plastic pocket divider is for their take home reader and reading log {I use tiny binder clips to clip on the reading log because its quite hard sometimes to get the single sheet of paper in the pocket with the book.} Click HERE for the divider label.

The back pocket is the "Friday Pocket".  That is where they put all of their graded work on Fridays.  Click HERE for the label. 

I ask that the parents sign the Friday pocket sheet so that I know they saw their child's work.  It helps a lot report card time! 

Here is the reading log I use.  Click HERE for your copy! 

Also, click HERE for the signature sheet if you would like it as well.

I would love to know how some of you organize your take home folders or notebooks!

One of my very sweet teacher friends has recently started her own teaching blog! Check it out and join in on the safari!

Oh, and of course I have to post a sweet picture of my baby girl, Aubree!


  1. Aubree is so cute!!!!!
    I love your organizational ideas. I am a visual learner, so I am glad you posted pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your folder organization idea. Aubree is so cute. What an adorable smile!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Hi, I just found your blog. I'm getting ready to teach my new bunch of 1st Graders too. You might like this idea, which goes along with your ocean theme: I start the year with the book "Don't Eat the Teacher" by Nick Ward. The title is written in huge red letters on my bulletin board outside my room - which stands out compared to all the "Welcome" posters on other classrooms! When I meet my kids at Open House, I always put on my serious face and say I have one very important rule for the first day of school, and that is...(kids' faces get very serious here) "Don't Eat the Teacher"!!! and that always produces a big grin. I show them the front cover of the book, and promise to read it in the first part of our first day.
    After reading it on Day 1 we do an easy craft activity - they just color and add glitter or sequins to a fishy shape that I've pre-cut (several different shapes). Next day they write messages in precut speech bubbles e.g. "Don't Eat the Books", "Don't Eat the tables" etc. I'll see if I can find a picture of it for you.
    Here's the link to the book