Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lone Star State Craftivities

This week we have been on Spring Break and I have turned off school mode for the week and got some much needed chores and "honey do's" completed around the house. {glad the hubby's district has the same schedule as ours} It has been so nice being on vacation with my hubby and getting the nursery {just about} finished.  It is looking wonderful! Our sweet little girl will be here before you know it.  One of the task this week since we were both off was to take maternity pictures.  I was soo looking forward to this, my husband, not so much. :) But they turned out fabulous.  I just have to share a few!

{her name is Aubree Kate}

Now that the week is coming to an end, it's time to get back into school mode and start getting things prepared for next week.  {Only 6 more weeks till maternity leave and getting all of those things prepared is very time consuming}.  

The week before Spring Break was "Texas Public School" week down here in the Lone Star State.  We use this week to learn ALL about the Texas symbols.  We managed to fit in the flag, tree, and a few Texas tall tales.   Sadly, we didn't have chance to make our bluebonnets or armadillos yet, so I will post those after the first of next week.  Here are few of our projects.

 {The Texas flags were made by tear or cutting paper and then "'piecing" them back together.}

{Our neat pecan trees are made by using our thumb prints for pecans} Finger painting is always so fun! They kids just LOVE it!

{I like to read the kids a few tall tales, such as, Pecos Bill during this week and have them write their own or about them as a cowboy/cowgirl traveling across Texas and incorporated other Texas symbols seen on their journeys across Texas.} Here are few first grade cowboys and cowgirls!  I gave them the boots and hat and they had to complete the rest.

{bluebonnets and armadillos still to come}

It's a little late, but the Friday that "The Lorax" came out we of course had to read the book and make our own "Lorax's"  {The Lorax template for the kiddos came from Amy Lemons over at "Step into 2nd grade". Love her blog!!}  After we read the "Lorax" we made the Lorax craftivity and they wrote how they would save the truffula trees!  So fun!!!!

{sorry about the angle, it was the only way to fit them all in}

We have also been working on our research unit, can't wait to share the kiddos projects.  We are still in the research phase, but when they are complete I will definitely share! They have been working extremely hard learning how to research and locating information about their chosen topics.  

If you are also on Spring Break this week, ENJOY your last few days!!!  Seems like it takes years for this week to get here and it's gone in no time at all! {guess that's how breaks also go though}


  1. I absolutely love the picture with the pink shoes between the happy couple!!! Cute idea. Enjoy your last months of pregnancy and you will be holding a new little baby before you know it!

    All the artwork is adorable. Loving the Pecos Bill stuff!

    First Grade Delight

  2. I love the pink shoes too and what a wonderful memory to have in the years to come for your beautiful child. I was blog hopping this afternoon and found yours and love it.

    Deb at Fabulously First