Friday, September 9, 2011

Retelling, Sequencing, and Textures! OH MY!

To all of my sweet blogger friends who are still reading this little o' blog...THANK YOU!!  With school underway, kick off to football season {which also means hardly ever seeing Mr. Hubby, who coaches HS football, during normal hours of the day} and recovering from a double wammy of pink eye in both, YES, both eyes I have sadly not posted in a short while. 

Over the last few weeks of school, my SUPER cute new firsties have been working on retelling and sequencing stories using beginning, middle, and end!! I just LOVE hearing them retell a story that we have read in their own words! Can you say C-UUU-T-E!  One of the stories we read was The Three Little Pigs, which they all adore.  After reading the story we made this nifty little story map I found on Pinterest {LOVE}.  It really allowed my students to think about the order of events in the book as they were retelling it out loud.  

I loved it so much we also created one for another story we read, Aunt Minnie and the Twister.  The kids always make me laugh when we read this one because it talks about a "johnny house".  :)
After our whole group story map the kiddos made these nifty flip up beginning, middle, and end foldables! I love to see first grade illustrations! {makes me smile} Thought they turned out super cute!

On a {science} note, we have been learning about and sorting different textures.  {rough and smooth}  Thanks to one of my sweet teacher friends, Ms. Wade {love her} my firsties made these neato sorting cards with textures.  They thought this was the coolest thing! We discussed the difference between each texture, explored our texture cards, then put them in our science journals for a little keepsake.
The smooth cards have a peice of foil and tape.  The rough cards have a peice of crumpled foil and sand paper.
I also wanted to share this SUPER CUTE first grade t-shirt my sweet friend got for me at Canton. 
{Sorry about the quality. I took it with my iphone}
If you don't live close to Canton, Tx you can go to this website and order online.  Don't forget to shop around while you are there!  

I hope all of you are having a FABulous start to your school year!


  1. I love your blog and your pinterest!!! I teach k but have told all my 1st grade friends about your sight! Have a great week:)

  2. thanks for the shout out, laymance :)